Thursday, January 21, 2010


Unusual protagonist, intriguing plot, fine editing and a classy treatment are parts and parcel of almost every David Cronenberg films. He is one of the auteur Hollywood directors in this regard entitled as ‘Baron of blood shockers’. This was the first mainstream commercial film he made apart of his few earlier critically acclaimed films. Johnny is a public school teacher who teaches Edgar Allen Poe to his students and enjoys company of his girlfriend. A terrible car accident on rainy night changes his fate. For five long years he remains in comma at hospital and lost his job and love. Surprisingly as soon as he regained his consciousness, he starts making psychic premonitions and fortunately they all turn true. Not only he can see the future but can change it too. The possibility of altering the outcome is dead zone for him. It’s a curse on one side and boon on the other. Soon news spreads and one fine morning a sheriff visits him to help him solve complicated murder cases with his psychic powers. The rest is on to the screen of Cronenberg.

The movie is one of the well adapted gripping thrillers based on Stephen King’s best seller. Unlike other Cronenberg films it doesn’t have graphic violent images or shocking blood gore. Christopher Walken once again gave wonderfully restrained act in main lead. Female characters always remain helpless supportive agents in Cronenberg films and its same here in form of Brooke Adams. The only misfit character in my opinion is Martin Sheen, who tried to copy Pacino’s hysterics which seems too shallow and mediocre one.

Recommended to all thriller lovers.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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