Sunday, May 8, 2011


Though Portman swept the popular and critics votes and won Best actress Oscar for ‘Black Swan’ this year, Nicole Kidman also equally deserve it for playing one of her most natural act in ‘Rabbit Hole’ as Becca, a mother who lost her only child in car accident seeking strange solace in a teenage boy that responsible for the accident. Unlike her emotional hubby she doesn’t like visiting church or joining group to share her personal loss. Faith and God works as emotional washbasin or comfort for many but not for her. ‘God is a sadistic Prick’, in her own words. Kidman brought to screen a poignant, sentimental and mysterious female character with so much restraint minus her glamorized appeal.

The film is based on drama by the same name and focuses a staggering insight on personal loss and vacuum in a relationship between couple played by Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. The film is slow, emotional but not over manipulative, melodramatic or dragging one. Along with Kidman, the other actor of serious notice is played by Dianne Wiest, a brilliant actress to watch. Recommended for all who like to watch one of most mature act by a beautiful actress who's aging and growing with her talent.


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